Swimming pools & Pool safety

Family swimming sessions available – please call 01454 866686 to make a booking.

Pool Safety.

Please make sure all rules are adhered to, they are for safety of all our guests.

All Children under 8 years using the pools must be accompanied in the pool by a swimming adult (age 16 or over) on the following ratios; If any child in a group is aged under 4 yrs. they can only be accompanied on a 2 :1 Basis. (For example 3 children aged 2, 4 and 6 yrs will require 2 adults to accompany them). However If all the children are aged 4 -7 yrs they can be accompanied on a 3:1 Basis.

All children aged under 3 yrs using either the main pool or the learner pool will be required to wear a fully water tight nappy these are available to buy in both disposable and reusable types at reception. In the main pool the following rules also apply to the children aged under 8.

All children aged 3 yrs or under will be required to use a suitable buoyancy aid (Arm bands, a full swim ring or water noodle) at all times except babies under 1 yrs old who are held by the responsible adult at all times.

All children aged 4 or under (regardless of whether they can swim or not) will not be allowed beyond the half way point of the pool and into deep water.

All children aged 5 or over must be able to swim confidently 25 meters (1 length of the pool) to be allowed in the deep-water section of the pool.

The lifeguards are here for everyone’s safety. If they ask you to adhere to the above guidance, your co-operation would be appreciated.